Magical Moments with Mily

About a year ago while I was on my college program,  I was lucky enough to meet this wonderful girl from across the pond! After our short magic moment together last year, we have kept in touch over Instagram & online. Now that she’s here completing her cultural exchange program at EPCOT, we actually get to hangout! After re-meting her at the Main Street Bakery, we’ve basically been inseparable. Mily is the sweetest girl, I am so, so blessed that we found each other in the most magical place!

Tucked away on Main Street USA is the sweetest little alley. There are red-umbrella tables, fresh flowers, & if you listen closely, you may even hear the melody of a voice lesson going on…

The castle is the perfect backdrop for some twirling photos! I love the morning when the castle grounds are nearly empty!

Magical Mily

This castle is a true symbol of hope, magic, & dreams…

Magical Mily

Strolling on the castle bridge in the morning light is such a wonderful feeling!

The Hub area of the castle is so beautiful; all of the flowers, the perfectly-polished railings, the stone walls, & the soundtrack of Mainstreet make for the most perfect setting.

Mily & I have a mutual love for the tea cups, so naturally we had to take some shots there (after we took a spin, of course). Clean cup, Move down!



Being classic Disney fans, we of course had to take a whirl on Dumbo! The World’s Only Flying Elephant!


I am just LIVING for these blowy, fun, sun-soaked photos! Mily is so fun-loving & really went with all of my crazy ideas! These are some of the most fun photos I have ever taken!

IMG_2693I also love that Mily’s dress is actually a romper (or as she sweetly calls it, a ‘play suit”)


Up, up, & away!!! The main street balloon photo was a MUST!

Magical Mily

Being a cast member is truly one of the most magical & rewarding experiences. I love that I got to capture a small bit of Mily’s experience!


“Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.”

Magical Mily

Thank you Mily, for letting me capture a small part of your magical experience! I’m so blessed to call you my friend! If you’re interested in following some of our adventures, we have our own little hashtag on insta! #MilyandMelia


Till next time, sweeties! xoxo


the floral fox


Capturing C&C – A Beachside Engagement

A few weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure of shooting this wonderful couple! Not only were Chase & Colleen a joy to work with, but we has the most beautiful day to shoot. Pure blue skies, golden sunshine, & a too many smiles to count this shoot was one for the books!

Not only did we get to shoot at this adorable boutique hotel with the most amazing tiles staircase, we also made a trip to one of my favorite spots in my little beach town: a quaint dirt road entirely canopied by oak trees!

C&C Shoot

After our nature walk, we headed to the beach for some salty air & sandy golden hour photos. I am not going to lie, I am low-key obsessed with Colleen’s kimono! [I later discovered it’s at Target!] & I thought her boho-beachy look was perfect for the beach atmosphere.

As I said before, the weather was absolute perfection & we were able to soak up every bit of the sun for this beachside shoot. I am so fortunate to have wonderful colleagues like Colleen who inspire my creativity & allow me to share these special moments!

IMG_2419 watermark

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Beautiful Barnyard – Mackenzie Senior Photos

So, because of my crazed, pre-Disney life, i never got the chance to blog these stunning photos of my sweet, best friend Mackenzie.

Mackenzie had so much fun with this gorgeous Friesian horse. We looked his adorable expressions & he was the best model! I love that they have almost the same hair.

After seeing the rustic, colorful backdrops at the space, we couldn’t resist putting Mack in a colorful frock & a floppy hat. Don’t these photos just scream adorable?


Before the sun disappeared completely, I just had to shoot some photos in this stunning field. An open field, knee-high grass, golden hour, what more could you want? These are by far some of my most favorite photographed moments.

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Wedding Bells – Kelly & Brad

Hello! It’s been quite a bit of time between my last blog post & this one! I am so excited to be back on the web, sharing some beautiful photos of one of the best weddings I’ve attended! Kelly & Brad’s beach-themed event was one for the books!

Kelly & Brad tied the knot in beautiful Barefoot Bay, Florida!

Kelly wore natural makeup that made her brown eyes pop! With stunning red lipstick, a beautiful birdcage veil, & dainty, crystal jewelry that complimented her vintage, peplum gown.

Kelly’s gown, a vintage-style peplum dress, had a lace back, dainty buttons, and a lace over-skirt. Brad’s simple yet sophisticated Colombia fishing shirt complimented the beach theme.

maids in the mirror

Kelly’s bridesmaids wore stunning, blue gowns & held handmade coral, cream, & navy bouquets  that were tied with rope for a nautical effect.


Brad’s groomsmen wore matching, coral Coloumbia fishing shirts with handmade boutonnieres. I would be lying if I said I didn’t LOVE this silly, sweet photo.

Kelly is a very dear friend of mine, & I am so glad I was able to photography this magical day for her & Brad! The ceremony was so beautiful & the reception was nothing short of FUN!

Bowen Wedding

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xo the floral fox

Beaches & Cream & a Kitchen Sink…

beaches and cream 9

So if you haven’t already heard, I have assigned myself the insane task of the 100daysofdisney challenge WITH an “ootd” factor. Yes, I will be taking a new photo in an outfit everyday for 100 days & posting it to my instagram account (@100daysofdisney). I have also chosen to add a fun fact to every outfit post! With that said, I present to you my day two adventure. It was pretty sweet…

beaches and cream 5

This my dear friends, is the sweetest, cutest, most warm & adorable ice cream & soda shop on earth (I’m convinced). Beaches & Cream lies right of the cusp of Disney’s Boardwalk, & actually resides as a part of Disney’s Beach Club Resort!

beaches and cream 2

I loved all of the retro-themes decor, it was like being sent back in time! They even had a working juke box! Simply adorable.

beaches and cream 6

I sure with they would invent smell-o-vision because the scent that wafts from the air vents here is the tops! It’s reminiscent of warm waffle cones, gooey syrup,   & whipping cream!

beaches and cream 7

Because my 100 day challenge inspired the visit to this sweet shop, it was only fitting that a few good fiends & I took on a challenge of our own: The Kitchen Sink.


Pictured above, the Sundae consists of these ingredients:

½ cup fudge topping, warmed
½ cup butterscotch topping, warmed
½ cup peanut butter topping, warmed
1 medium banana, sliced in 1/2 –inch slices
1 cinnamon spice cupcake (2 ½ x 1 ¼-inch), quartered
1 angel food cupcake (3 x 1 ½-inch), quartered
2 4-oz. scoops vanilla ice cream
2 4-oz. scoops chocolate ice cream
2 4-oz. scoops strawberry ice cream
1 4-oz. scoop mint chocolate chip ice cream
1 4-oz. scoop coffee ice cream
3 tablespoons chocolate syrup
¼ cup marshmallow crème
¼ cup strawberry topping
¼ cup pineapple topping
1 14-oz can dairy whipped topping
1 brownie (6-inch x 6-inch), quartered
1 regular-sized (2 ounce) candy bar, quartered
4 chocolate cookies with cream filling
1 tablespoon sliced toasted almonds
1 tablespoon dark and white chocolate shavings
1 tablespoon chocolate cookies with cream filling, crushed
1 tablespoon diced pineapple
1 tablespoon milk chocolate chip morsels
1 tablespoon peanut butter chip morsels
1 tablespoon chocolate sprinkles
1 tablespoon rainbow sprinkles
½ cup drained maraschino cherries

beaches and cream 8

Talk about a sweet tooth & a belly ache! But don’t worry, the roomies & I worked it all off with a stroll on the boardwalk & a full-on dance party in our apartment!


beaches n cream 1||jeans:urban||shirt:h&m||kimono:f21||shoes:target||

& Thats a Wrap!

Well.. a window wrap that is!


This week marks the end of my 2 & 1/2 year journey with the sweetest place on earth, Cravings Bakery & Bistro in Vero Beach, FL. Bittersweet, emphasis on the sweet, would be the very best way to describe this goodbye… But! I am excited to announce that I have left my mark on this more than 30-year-old business in a big way! Not only did my wonderful boss let me help design & photograph items for our brand new menus, but she gave me every artists dream: creative freedom, a couple of blank windows, & a deadline! Needless to say, when I finally saw my month-long project had been competed, I was jumping for joy!

my windows 1

There are two windows, one with a breakfast & lunch theme, & the desserts & more window (my favorite!) I took all of the photos pictured, designed the layout of the windows, & designed the brand new logo!

my windows 2

For such a simple design, it was a TON of work! I must have done around 15 different designs until this one was approved & decided upon by a team of 3 of us!

Call me sappy, but It just feels so amazing to feel like I’ve left an impact on one of the most important places that I’ve ever encountered. Working here has helped me succeed in more ways than I can count! I am blessed to be able to say that even though my days in the bakery are done (for now), I will still be designing, instagramming, facebooking, & performing PR duties for my sweet, little bakery! If you’re ever in Vero Beach, Cravings is a MUST! You won’t regret stopping by for one of our delicious sandwiches, or sipping on one of our fresh smoothies, or even indulging in one of our brownie sundaes! Yummy!

Vintage Vibes

Every once in a while I’ll go on a spree where I make mix tapes for people I know & while I haven’t ever actually given said tapes to people I thought it might be fun to share some on here! So here it goes, a playlist inspired by today’s choice of headgear: a sweet & soulful playlist with a vintage flair that’s sure to bring you a hood ol’ fashion smile to your face!

1) Build Me Up Buttercup – The Foundations
2) Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond
3) My Girl- The Temptations
4) Brand New Shoes – She & Him
5) She Loves You – The Beatles
6) Wake Up Sunshine – Chicago
7) Paperback Writer – The Beatles
8) Somebody To Love – Queen
9) Rock Lobster – The B52’s
10) Your Song – Elton John


Feedback is fun! I’d love to know what you thought about the playlist! Xxoo The Floral Fox

Be BERRY Brave: face your fashion fears in the new year

mixed prints 1So, you’ve all read my reflections & now here’s my resolutions, fashion resolutions of course! The base of it all is to tackle some of my fashion fears, while showing you how to face some of your own! The basic fears of the fashion world are both simple & scary at the same time, but with a little creativity & an open mind we can turn the most fearful female into a daring diva in no time!


omg shoes!

We’re starting with shoes because let’s face it, we all gotta wear them. BUT! Do we have to wear the SAME nude ballet flats every day to the office? The same black pumps to the dinner party? The same tennies to the supermarket? Let’s face it girls, we could al use some pep in our step. So why not ‘step’ out of your comfort zone & into a pair of shiny (literally) new kicks. I snagged these on supersale at Target, they are Sam & Libby & super comfy! This is me facing a fashion fear because I HATE silver but hey, here I am rocking it & feel in’ great.


hats & bottom lash mascara

There’s ways to look like an evil witch that involve hats & bottom lash mascara… then (happily) there’s my way. Channel your inner twiggy & paint your bottom lashes lightly. Then, toss on a non-pointy hat & BAM, you’re hip. No, but seriously I love the way a light coat makes you eyes pop! & hats will make even the worst of hair days bearable.(because they’re so wearable) (ugh, I know my puns are terrible) Anyway, my hat is from Urban Outfitters but you can get these babies online in all the big stores (H&M, Forever XXI, Top Shop, Urban, ect.)


a bold lip

Lipstick is basically a daily necessity when you have a skin tone like mine. Without it, my lips blend into my tone & I just feel blah BUT with the help of the Maybelline® Super Stay 24™ lip colors I can achieve a bright, kissable lip without worrying about it fading. It’s a two-step lip process & the first is most important! You have to let the first coat of color dry then gloss your lip. If you don’t know what I’m taking about, well you’ll see!


messy hair, don’t care 

So this new year you probably pledged to be more responsible? Studious? Proactive? Involved? With all of your time now occupied with your new-improved habits, when will you find the time to straighten, curl, or just generally ‘do’ your do? Don’t stress, babe, just embrace the mess! Before these photos, I worked from 4am to 1pm, then ran errands, & finally took my car to have an oil change. This, ladies, is the definition of mess. But! With a little Paul Mitchell ‘working spray’ & a lot of hope I achieved this straight-out-of-braid look. In a time when all of our efforts are concerned elsewhere, this effortless look is a blessing.

IMG_7674 mixing prints

I finally did it, & so can you. I was SO hesitant to make this switch from matchy-match to bold & bright but honestly, I don’t think I’ll EVRER go back to boring! This outfit was inspired by the random cool-front that florida is experiencing. I knew I wanted to showcase this ah-dooor-able strawberry dress that my amazing grandma sewed for me BUT alas, the cool weather swept in. I knew this was my chance to make my resolution a reality, so I grabbed the boldest shirt I owned & a neutral tight to bring it all together. I was so sure a wardrobe change would follow this risky decision but as I gazed in the mirror I couldn’t believe how much I loved this look!!! It’s just so me & I cant wait to discover a whole new world of mix & matches that lie behind my closet doors…


change up your angles

Quit taking the same style blog photos & switch up your angles! We are ALL guilty of the hand-on-hip, front-on pose. & THAT’S OK. It’s a fashion blogger’s comfort pose. You know like when you’re stressed you have a comfort food?(cereal, mmmmm) Yeah, it’s like that. But it doesn’t have to be your ONLY post! switch up your angles & play around with some fun ways to take blog photos! I did a post on this once (you can see it here) & I got SO much positive feedback! Don’t be shy, just try!


jump into the new year!

My last piece of advice for you it to fully JUMP headfirst into this new year. Wether you want to completely re-invent yourself or just make tiny adjustments, believe you can do it. A friend of mine gave me a word for the new year that I want to share with you: consciousness . She says that when you are aware of whats around you & when you put what you wish to happen into the universe, it will come back to you & it WILL happen for you. Simply believe it will happen, it will. I believe it & I can’t wait to see what we ALL accomplish in 2015!


Reflections of 2014

Reflections of 2014! I’ve been meaning to write a long, sappy post about how 2014 changed my life & how it was the best year yet & ow I thought 2013 was the top of the hill & how it’s just gotten better from here but I simply can’t put my heart into words… well, not any words you wouldn’t get bored of reading… So, for your viewing pleasure, I have compiled my year into highlights!

Starting with DECA:

The business competition I competed in with two of the best friends I could ask for (& many more wonderful people at the conference). We got 2 first place awards & got to travel to Orlando and Washington DC! It was amazing to turn our idea into a presentable project & our feedback was nothing but encouraging & amazing! ‘Appsalute Me’ Forever!!!!!

International Careen Development conference 2014

International Careen Development conference 2014

Then we Traveled to Europe:

My first taste of Europe has got me absolutely hooked. So much so, that we have already planned another trip for this summer! This year we studied at the Czech University of Life Science in Prague! We also visited Humboldt University in Berlin & The Art Institute in Vienna, Austria! It was breathtaking, & wonderful, & humbling to say the least. & Im certain I left a piece of my heart in Praha…

Czech Republic, Austria, & Germany

Czech Republic, Austria, & Germany

Europe Round II:

This time we traveled to the land of my ancestors (well half of them), Italy! Or as we fondly remember it:   ‘eat-ily’. We ate pasta, drank wine, & explored Venice, Florence, Tuscany, & Roma! It was a magical, mysterious, & miraculous adventure & I’m so fortunate to have shared it with Zachary & his family.

Italy was beyond amazing! I can't wait to visit again.

Italy was beyond amazing! I can’t wait to visit again.

The Floral Fox (Photo)

2014 will forever be the birth year of my actual company. It’s when my ‘.wordpress’ became a .’com’ and it’s when I officially printed my own logo & business cards. It’s when I started to come out of my earthy-landscape comfort zone & into the world of portraits (like these below)! I can’t express my gratitude for my amazing & loyal clients who use my photos for artwork, christmas cards, yearbook pics, & more! Thank you all, & I hope you all know how much this artist appreciates being able to express myself through my lens!

Thank you to my wonderful clients! 2014 was an amazing year for The Floral Fox!

Thank you to my wonderful clients! 2014 was an amazing year for The Floral Fox!

Last but not least, my sunshine. There are no words to describe this love except for it’s a book I never want to stop reading, a roller coaster I never want to stop riding, & a blissful heaven I never want to leave. Thank you for making me believe in fairytales again, you are my dream come true.

Another year with the love of my life.. it just gets better!

Another year with the love of my life.. it just gets better!

A Very Manly Mustache Bash

For my sweet boyfriend’s 20th birthday, I planned a surprise party catered to the manly-man in all of us! When planning a themed party my main advice to you would be simply: pay attention to the little details! This is what your guests will pay attention to.


Here are some highlights about the party decor, food, & overall theme:

zachs secret brew

Two Words: FOOD LABLES! This simple touch is an adorably obsessive tool used by all good party planners! I printed the labels on the bottles using labels I found at a craft store in the wedding section! As for the food signs, I created them by using a general, free theme that I found on pinterest (of course. here it is.) & personalized it to my liking using an online editor (picmonkey). Obviously for a 20th we could’t serve beer but I changed the beer tasting sign to say wet yer whistle! So fun.

grab a stache

I LOVE paper straws! They are fun, different, & come in so many designs & colors I found mine at a local craft store but you can order then online in almost ANY design imaginable! I found the mustache stickers at the craft store too 🙂


For the main course, we had a nacho macho bar complete with three cheese sauces, salsa, peppers, & more! We also had BRO-GERS (burgers) that came with your very own man card (bandaid? do you mean bitch sticker?!), & the most amazing bacon wrapped bangers that were served with nails (in place of toothpicks) for a manly effect!

manly mini stand

Finally, for dessert I made the most adorable cupcake manwiches! Sure, I may be bias, but I finally feel pinterest-worthy after I banged out these lil’ babies (even if they did tip over in the car & get a wee bit smashed up…)

I have seen these done so many different ways so I thought I would show you my version & break it down for all of you baking babes out there!

manly mini anatomy


I absolutely LOVED planning this party. Every little detail that went into it, from mustache napkins, to the Ron Swanson posters I printed, down to the hanging strips of bacon I made (layered red & white streamers), it was joy to create. The best part, of course, was seeing the look on Zachary’s face as he faced his surprise party. Pure. Unfiltered. Joy.