Pinking of You

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||Thrifted Cranberry Hat, Shoes, & Scarf||Forever 21 Navy Bubble Skirt||American Apparel Basic Button Down||Urban Outfitters Knee-High Socks||

Pink of me, Pink of me fondly…

Hello darlings, it seems like forever since we’ve spoken! I’m so truly excited about the launch of my new blog, & I hope you are too! Let’s get down to style business, shall we?

Today’s inspiration came from the charming new men’s oxfords I picked up while thrifting! They were a steal, at only $3, & fit surprisingly well. Their cranberry physique matched perfectly with my favorite antique hat & the scarf ties it all together. So how about those socks? Defiantly a risk in the florida heat, but 
 I couldn’t resist going all-out-grandpa for this fun look. Heres a tip to pulling off a vintage-inspired  look like this:

don’t clad your self in only vintage clothing. For one, it makes you look like you’ve stepped off the set of Gone With The Wind. There’s only been one true Scarlett O’Hara for a reason, so don’t steal her spotlight!

Instead, do mix & match simple, modern fashion basics with cute vintage pieces. It works the same way if the tables are turned; Say you’re wearing this gorgeous vintage gown to an event, right? Play it up with simple modern jewelry (a studded bracelet, a jeweled hair band, ect.) This will make your style seem relevant, effortless, & personalized!


Tea Time is the Best Kind of Time

For the prefect day out with your girlfriends like the one I had today, the recipe is simply this:

1 tube of bright lipsick

1 camera for capturing the moment

1 cute tea shop

1 small pot of spiced chai to sooth the soul

2 tea cups to fuel the girl-talk

a spot of honey & a dash of cream…

What do you think about that, huh?

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