Making Magic at Disney

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||Charlotte Russe polka-spot top||TJMAXX shorts||white Chuck Taylors||Ray Ban Clubmasters||

Dressing for a place like Disney an be tricky, however it doesn’t have to be! There’s plenty of ways you can be cute,  trendy, & completely themed!

It’s all in the ears! For my day in the Magic Kingdom, I simply HAD to invest in a pair of Minnie ears. I was surprised to see just how many styles Disney had available! There were ears to fit every age, size & occasion! From Donald to Dumbo & Princesses to Pirates, everybody will be satisfied with these little beauties!   I chose this adorable pair of ears, complete with a prefect little bow & a chic headband look that fit to perfection!

The perfect Shirt, Shorts, Shoes, & Shades

So it’s obvious that I chose the more themed rout for this day. I adore Minnie mouse & wanted to capture her cute style in my own way!

A sleeveless, cotton, polka-dot button up was the perfect choice.  Breathable & adorable, it was easy to wear all day & didn’t allow for sweat stains or awkward clinging.

The shorts were a steal from TJMAXX & I couldn’t have been more pleased with how they fit. I loved how they weren’t too short & they were a little bit high waisted, but not overkill. When you know you’re going to be walking for a while, it’s important to remember to wear shorts that are a little bit longer, to prevent doing the ever awkward & embarrassing “I-have-a-wedgie-every-two-seconds” dance. ALSO, pro tip: It your hips don’t lie, like mine, & a thigh gap isn’t exactly in your future, when you put on the necessary deodorant under your arms, slather some between those beauties.  This will prevent awful rubbing & keep the sweat at bay. Gross, but hey, it happens to the best of us & it’s true, we have to stick together, but our thighs don’t!

Now onto the shoes. hands down my most favorite footwear to walk in all day is my wonderful Converse Chuck Taylors. For those f you who don’t own a pair, I highly recommend them. They’re comfy, cute, & classic! If you’re not a chuck fan, I would also suggest Toms, Sperrys, or Vans. Stick with these styles & you’ll remain casually, cutely, comfortable.

Shades shade you from the sun, but who says they have to shade you from the world. A classic pair of Ray-Bans (like my club-masters) will make you stand out in any crowd as a chic sun-blocker. If you are prone to loosing things, you can pick up a cute pair of fun, colorful, patterned wayfarers or aviators from Urban Outfitters or Target.


Now that you know a basic way to plan, make sure you pack some extra goodies to make sure your trip is truly magical:

chapstick, sunscreen, small digital camera, smart phone (complete with the disney app telling you show times & wait times), autograph book (for characters) & a plan!

Go ahead, be nerdy & make a schedule; the more you plan the more you can do! 

What do you think about that, huh?

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