Peachy Keen

|Polka-Spot Shirt Charlotte Russe||H&M Peach Skirt||DSW Nude Flats||Necklaces from Etsy||

cc2 cc3 cc4 cc5It’s a hair flip…

Today I had a farewell to ombre photo shoot! I loved my ombre hair,but it’s high time I get back to my roots, my very blonde roots!

About the Look:

Today on the coasttocoastchallenge, we were suppose to do a “subtle pop of color” & while there’s nothing subtle about this bright skirt, I couldn’t resist this pop of peach!

Why pastels?

Pastel, pastel, pastel everywhere, but not an item to wear? If this describes you, then fret no more, my pastel phobic friend! Pastels, though tricky, are a great addition to any dull outfit! I’m a sucker for polka-dots & pastels, but any pattern will do! Black & white works best because the soft color pop will bring attraction, without unwanted negative attention. The best part is, pastel is everywhere now, trickling down from Kate Spade to Target. Theres always a pretty pastel piece to be plucked from it’s home on the store shelf!


Maybe it’s because I’m from the south (stereotypical, I know) but I just adore anything monogrammed. My necklace is a staple item of my fashion existence! My sister snagged it off etsy, where they offer a wide variety including silver, gold, bronze, colored acrylic, plastic, and even sparkled! & who could resist the purrrrrrr-fect double kitty necklace? Also an etsy favorite of mine! It reminds me of me & my sweet heart!

What do you think about that, huh?

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