Sunshine & Creativity

IMG_1976sunny 3 sunny 6 IMG_5804 IMG_5855 sunny 5 sunny 1 IMG_5942 3||Ralph Lauren Sunnies||H&M Jeans||Forever 21 Shirt||Target Sweater & Loafers||Anthropologie Watch||Thrifted Necklace||

My darling boyfriend is so patient, always taking my outfit photos for me, & today he decided to get creative! Telling me to flip my hair, using my favorite sunnies to capture unique photos, and getting different angles! I had so much fun on this shoot because we were laughing the entire time.

sunnny 8

Photo Tips:

Like Zach, get creative with your subjects! try different angles, props, and use your best features to your advantage. I adore my new blonde ombre locks, so we had some flipping-fun to show them off! Don’t be afraid to be silly, sassy, and of course, stylish.

sunny 7

3 thoughts on “Sunshine & Creativity

    1. Thank you! I got it at an antique shop here in my sleepy little town. However, I know they have them on Amazon! Isn’t it darling :)?
      xx FF

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