A Tribute to Amy Poehler


“There’s power in looking silly & not caring that you do”

-Amy Poehler

This entire post is a tribute to the wonderful, funny, & inspiring Amy Poehler. If you’re not familiar with this ridiculously talented woman, please stop reading this & immediately watch every episode of Parks & Recreation, every episode of SNL featuring her, and various movies including Baby Mama & Mean Girls.

Ok! Now that you realize how hilarious & adorable she is, let me share with you some of my favorite Amy quotes, for inspirational purposes, of course:

“Be easy on yourself. Have fun. Only hang around people that are positive and make you feel good. Anybody who doesn’t make you feel good, kick them to the curb. And the earlier you start in your life the better. The minute anybody makes you feel weird and non-included or not supported, you know, either beat it or tell them to beat it.” 

So much truth in this one. Surrounding yourself with people who inspire & motivate you is quite possibly the best thing you can do for your future & your soul. Try to remember, babes, we’re not all psychologists, so we can’t hope to take every Debbie Downer and turn her into a Sunny Sally. However, we can all do our part in the universe by being positive, kind, and uplifting to all those we meet! Remember that:

“Opening your heart and being courageous and telling people that you care about them or like them or that you think they’re special only makes you a better, bigger, kinder, softer, more loving person and only attracts more love in your life.” 

Need we say more? Taking those kinds of risks (relationship risks) & others can only make you stronger, braver, confident, and attractive. & speaking of risk taking:

“Great people do things before they’re ready. They do things before they know they can do it. And by doing it, they’re proven right. Because, I think there’s something inside of you—and inside of all of us—when we see something and we think, “I think I can do it, I think I can do it. But I’m afraid to.” Bridging that gap, doing what you’re afraid of, getting out of your comfort zone, taking risks like that—THAT is what life is. And I think you might be really good. You might find out something about yourself that’s special. And if you’re not good, who cares? You tried something. Now you know something about yourself. Now you know. A mystery is solved. So, I think you should just give it a try. Just inch yourself out of that back line. Step into life. Courage. Risks. Yes. Go. Now.” 

Go! Now! & while you’re at it, always be your silly, sassy, stylish self, because:

“No one looks stupid when they’re having fun.” 

Amy Poehler – photographer Peter Yang

amy collage

Oh! what fun was had  during this Amy tribute photo shoot! I loved re-creating my absolute favorite photo set of her. Dressing up, gathering props, & making all these expressions was just too fun! So here’s my photo tribute to this amazing woman, with my own little twist of course.

Amelia Jane – photographer Zach Moore

amelia amy Collage

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