How To: Have A Really, Really Good Day With Your BFF

The truth is in the title & the proof is in the post! This is my idea of the perfect day off, starring yours truly, & my bff, Sarah. We often like to partake in crazy adventures that sometimes lead us to faraway places, but for this day we decided to take it easy in our tiny beach town.

our first stop: thrifting

crown 8

While our goal is usually cute clothing, today our search has a slightly merrier [& uglier] theme! How can this be, you may ask? Well, we were on the hunt for ugly sweaters, & we mean UGLY! You see, we’re planing an ugly sweater party [we can’t wait to tell you all about it], because could you think of a better evening than spending time with your friends, clad in hideous holiday wear? To our dismay, we didn’t find such gems, however we DID find  rather fitting pieces of headwear to add to our collection…

crown 9next stop: tea



As you can see, my new accessory didn’t leave my head. Because do you really need an excuse to wear a plastic crown all day? I think not. Thats what this day is really about anyway, right? Having fun, being silly, & enjoying your BFF. But I must digress, because I HAVE to tell you about this tea.

it’s called cinnamon roll. oh yeah, like the pastry. 

crown 6

here’s what out favorite little tea shop had to say about it:

Blended black tea, cinnamon pieces and natural flavour. 

 & while that’s all well & good, heres the real description: this tea is liquid christmas, dipped in gingerbread hugs, rolled in warm blankies & kissed by misteltoe. It plants your own, personal fireplace in your belly & warms you so delicately, you couldn’t stop smiling if you tried. In short, it’s tea-riffic.
[& it can be yours! visit Tea&Chi & taste for yourself, or order some here!]
crown 4
our final, sweet stop:
If you’ve never had a french macaroon, please stop reading this & locate one immediatly. If you’re in your pj’s or just too interested in what I have to say to stop reading [yay! thank you! I want to hug you, ohmugosh…ect..] Then just imagine biting into a cloud, who’s outer layer is thin, flakey, & crust-like & who’s puffy inside is airy & sweet. Now imagine beneath that cloud is a layer of creamy goodness, flavored to perfection, & beneath that is yet another dreamy cloud. how’s that for imagery?! drooling yet? Oh, you’re not? Ok, lets fix that:
crown 5
Macaroon. Photo. Taken by yours truly with my new 50mm lense. So. Yummy. So Crisp. So. Very. Delicious.
This is the ultimate end to the ultimate day out with your BFF. Now go have one, & tell me how sweet your day was!

What do you think about that, huh?

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