Sweet Sisters & Cupcakey Christmas

So I just set up a pop-up studio in my bedroom! It’s been a dream of mine for quite some time & I am honestly over the moon excited about it! My first shoot was with my pretty, pretty sister, Allie. Everyone always says we look alike, but our personalities couldn’t be more different. I’m colorful, she’s cool. I’m easily excitable, she’s picky. She’s beautiful & I’ve always been the quirky one. It’s a perfect match, in my eyes, because we compliment each other.

Without further adieu, I present out 2013 christmas cards:

christmas cards 1

christmas card 3

christmas card 2

Amelia||Dress:Urban Outfitters||Hat:Thrifted||Gloss:MAC||

christmas cardCupcakes by Frosting  of little Vero Beach & let me tell you, they were to DIE FOR!

we chose peppermint swirl & vanilla, mostly for the decoration. But the light fluffy frosting & perfectly baked cake was the absolute BEST way to finish this fun photo shoot!

What do you think about that, huh?

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