When it Rains, You Score!

Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.

rainy day got you down? here’s 10 things to do when the winds’ a blowin’ & sun ain’t showin:

1. Splish, splash Take a colorful pair of wellies for a spin & find some puddles to play in.

2. Get Down like Gene Kelly Who says you’re too old to sing & dance in the rain?! Pop in the classic “Singin’ In The Rain” & get inspired!

3. Pass the Popcorn, Please! If musicals & rain boots just aren’t your style, call up your mates & have a movie day. Have everyone bring a snack & order in a pizza. You won’t have to leave your house & you’ll stay nice & dry, & entertained of course!

4. Tea Time Do what Zach & I did & visit your local tea shop for some hot tea & haute conversation. You never know who else could be hunkered down there, braving the storm & looking for some company.

5. Pretty Pages Rainy days are the best for curling up with a good book & a cup of something warm. Let your imagination run wild as you follow your favorite adventurer, or your favorite lovers, into the unknown!

6. Crafty Crafty!  Pop  on over to pinterest.com  for some really good DIY ideas! or, simply search the DIY tag on my blog for some cute crafts. The possibilities are endless!

7. Makin’ Waves If staying in the house drives you crazy, hop in the car with a buddy & drive the neighborhood. You’re bound to find some good old’ side-of-the-road lakes where you can make mini tsunamis. Be safe though! & always wear a seat belt!

8. Get Dreamy Have a lie down next to a big window & let the rolling thunder roll you right to dream land.

9. Make a Meal Invite some friends over for a cook-off. A rainy day is the perfect time to master a new recipe & indulge in some tasty treats. Try some of the few recipes I have here on the blog or make up your own!

10. Write! When it’s raining, my favorite thing to do is write. Poetry, short stories, songs, what-have-you, I just adore a good moleskin notebook, a pen full of ink, & a head full of ideas. Here’s a short poem I wrote about today’s rainy weather (I’m no poet, and boy do I know it!)

Oh, I like people who smile when it’s raining

Those who turn their faces to the sky.

Unlike those who put their heads down, who rush for their cars, who try to keep dry.

Because you see, those folks, they just don’t know,

can’t appreciate the way it makes the flowers grow.

Oh yes, I like those who smile when it’s raining,

You, who turn your face to the sky.

I myself, I always do smile, & it just comes naturally, don’t even have to try.

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