Raspberry, Lime, & Lemonade


So this is going to be a short blog post, but I had to tell you guys about my discovery:
Beating the winter blues shouldn’t be hard in a place nicknamed the Sunshine State, but it most definitely is! Lately I’ve been stuck in a black+blue funk, & I couldn’t seem to leave the gray & wintery color pallet. Anything black was my go to item, & dark blue was is about as colorful as I would get. I think we all get stuck in that cloudy sense of fashion at one point in the winter season, but when is the right time to blossom out of it? I couldn’t think of better day than today, the first day of spring, to break the mold and wear something bright!



my advice:
Don’t be afraid to mix & match bright colors!
Don’t shy away from a colored cardi or bright pants, these will be your staple spring-summer items!
Don’t let the weather define your outfit! Let your colorful self out shinethe gray world around you
DO grab a glass of fruity lemonade, paint your nails a bright color, buy yourself some flowers & welcome spring with open arms!

What do you think about that, huh?

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