A Peek of Praha

Ahoy from Praha! I had my very first look at the city today & let me tell you it was breath-taking. Between airports, college dorms & class rooms I finally felt like I was in Europe. There are a few of differenced we noticed right off when we entered the city, here are ust a few from my classmates & I:


Amelia: Tiny roads & scary driving! With a significant lack of stop lights, everybody simply GOES & they drive RIGHT next to each other! It’s crazy, I felt my heart beating out of my chest!

Zach: Sporadic people Some people would go over the moon for you, while others can’t be bothered.

Cooper: Flankey ball a German drinking game involving a basketball, a round of beer, & some crazy competition.

Sornelia: Flying on an air plane Her first time.

Clara: Tuition here at University free for Czech, only $500 a semester for English courses.

Russle: Babies on campus & different language there are little kids everywhere on our college campu! & they ride bikes with no pedals

Heather: Different smells Big city smels vs our little beach town

George: Integration between staff & students (ack of fear of loss of respect & authority. Professor-student equality. Our professors are our equals out of the classroom.

Shawn: Being & living at a University (living in dorms, roommate, sharing bathrooms)

Seva: Language! Unique letters, pronunciation specific letters and new names

William: Foliage New flowers, plants, green houses on campus

OH! & fun fact:

Czech Republic consumes more beer than anywhere else in the world! Around 144 liters per person! (USA consumes about 75 per person)

Here are just a few photos we took!


Fisheye view from the Tower

Amazing architecture IMG_2161

Such a colorful city!
IMG_2163IMG_2187IMG_2232wecamewesaw John Lennon Wall

One thought on “A Peek of Praha

  1. SO awesome you guys.. SO happy for you as well. Pictures are beautiful and you really deserve all these wonderful experiences because you have worked so hard and give your best all the time to everything you do. Enjoy my love!!!

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