Magical Mozart

While in Vienna , we took the opportunity to visit perhaps one of the greatest composers of all time, Mozart. While exploring the city we came across a lovely, luscious park that took us by surprise. What a contrast from the bustling city! Young artists dotted the green hills, school children were singing songs beneath the oak trees & dancing with sparkly, multicolored ribbons. Among the twirling children were a group of college-ages students playing frisbee & we probably would have joined them had we not been distracted by the most beautiful memorial I saw that day.

Being a former music major in high school, music has always been flowing through my heart & soul. From a young age I learned to enjoy the classics; Beethoven, Vivaldi, Brahms, & yes, Mozart. Wandering upon a giant treble clef made my heart go staccato! I excitedly hurried to touch the sculpture, just to get a real sense of the magic that this place represented.


The contrast of the pop-pink flowers against the vibrant green landscape, with the calm- collectiveness of the park was the perfect metaphor for Mozart himself; a burst of color in an era of blue & gray.

We also paid tribute to another classic in the form of baked goods! One of my favorite musicals, Aida, is pictured in a giant tiled mosaic at the famous Aida bakery here in Vienna! The colorful tiles POP against the pink store. & the art is only 1/2 as good as the gelato! I chose blue, of courseC which was a sort of bubblegum. It was to die for.


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As we played in the park that day, I couldn’t help but wonder if Mozart himself had played in the park as a boy, between compositions of course. While the sun set, my friends & I ate gelato, reflected on our trip, & decided to make one more stop at a famous landmark before leaving Vienna,




Find out what that landmark is in my next blog post!

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