Vinyl Vixen

It should come as no surprise that I’m a style chameleon. One day I could be happily sipping mimosas, beachside in my fave Lilly frock, && then there are these days where I can happily run around in my floral dress && Jessica Day glasses. Today, I opted for the latter to make what I thought would be a quick & painless trip to the record store. As always, I was mistaken

While visiting a buddy at the shop,(Happy Birthday Jake!) I stumbled upon not one but TWO of my favorite albums by the wonderful Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast. This band is fun, upbeat, & perfect for literally any mood you could be in (unless of course you’re super depressing all of the time, in which case their poppy style might make you envy their easygoingness all too much). In any case, I couldn’t resist them && quickly snatched them off the shelf.
After little to basically no debating, I paraded up to the register & felt the familiar “rush of purchase” a little phrase I have coined to represent that giddy feeling you get when you buy something special. We all get it! Whether it’s shoes, clothes, books or even craft supplies (I’m guilty of all) it’s a feeling that is more addictive than Starbucks, I swear!

||Dress: Forever 21 || Sandals: Sam&Libby for Target || Records: Grooves Vero Beach||
If you want to check out Best Coast you can easily find them on YouTube! Here are some songs I recommend:
• “The Only Place” a fun, poppy song written about California (but I always pretend it’s about Florida
•”Boyfriend” for your first, tenth or even millionth crush (fictional or real life) this song will have you belting in your car!
•”crazy for you” for when you’re on love, a VERY accurate description of what’s it’s really like to be in a relationship
•”How They Want Me To Be” I just love this song, just a really great anthem about being yourself

I just love this band && I hope you will too!

What do you think about that, huh?

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