Floral Fox Fiesta!

Finally! I’ve located the long lost memory card containing photos from my 21st Fiesta! This party was such a hit, everyone loved my colorful decor & spicy dishes. I’ve got to be honest when I say that I almost had more fun decorating the party than having the actual party!

floral fox fiesta 3

We’ll start with the Photo Booth backdrop where I used 9 spools of different colored streamers to create a roughly 8×8 backdrop! It was a HIT! We all had fun using handmade props & posing with my piñatas! I got the paper flowers from WALMART! (I know, right?) & thrifted the hats!

floral fox fiesta 6

I also made various other decor items including a sign out of a science poster board, paper garland, & more!


I decided one of my FAVORITE things about having a party is labeling my food in clever ways! I found the templates on pinterest & edited the food items to fit my party needs!


One of my favorite recipes from the party was my spiked punch recipe. It’s super easy & super delicious!


Fiesta Lemonade 

you’ll need:

2 cans frozen raspberry lemonade

one bottle sprite

1/2 a bottle of strawberry Smirnoff

2 cups frozen strawberries


  1. blend the frozen strawberries (thawed) in a blender with the cans of raspberry lemonade & a little bit of sprite (about 1/3 the bottle)
  2. pour mixture into punch bowl or drink dispenser
  3. pour in vodka & sprite
  4. mix & enjoy!

IMG_5041I hope this simple post helps you to plan your very own fiesta!


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