Va, Va, Va, Venice!


Venice is a place set back in time, full of wonder, sea breeze, & mer-people who walk the streets without a care in the sea. For an island-raised girl like myself, it was like taking a trip back home. My soul was refreshed by the salty air & my mind became at peace with the dizziness that each sip of wine brought.

venice day 1 8


To describe this place as paradise is far from accurate, for in paradise imperfections do not exist. This quaint place wore its imperfections like a olympic medal. The tattered docks bore a sense of adventure into the great, blue beyond & invited you to step, if you dare, to the edge of the water; we walked upon splinters & erosion & hope.

Venice day 1 1


The cobblestone roads would wreak havoc on even the most durable tires, but this didn’t matter because there are no cars to be found. The smell of boat gasoline hung thick in the air but was not suffocation, it just mixed with the sticky-sweet salt to create an aroma that begged adventure.

venice day 1 5

|| Hat: Forever 21 || Sandals: Sam&Libby || Shirt & Shorts: H&M || Kimono: F21 || Bracelets Bourbon&Boweties ||

The buildings seemed as though they were painted by one artist throughout his entire carrier. You can find a different period of his lifetime in each section, a blue period full of calm despair, a red period fill of life & restlessness, & so on…

venice day 1 3

venice day 1 7

The mer-people (as I have fondly come to know them as) were truly of the sand & sea. Fresh produce was available at every turn & fish were plucked straight from the sea to accompany your silverware on a dining experience that was truly cultural.


venice day 1 2To say that this experience was enlightening would be a gross understatement. There are moments in your life that you feel. There are others that you touch, see, smell, & so on. Rarely do you encounter such a meld of wonders, all at once. I consumed Venice. Venice was exact ally what  needed, Venice changed me for the better. Venice will never leave my heart.

venice day 1 4

venice day 1 9



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