By the sea side, by the shining sea…

So I got this little idea to do a short & sweet (or shall I say salty) blog post about what I’ve learned growing up in a beach town! So here it goes, musings of a mermaid if you will:
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what I learned growing up by the beach

1. sand. sand can & will find its way into every crevice of your entire existence. if you’re like me & hate the icky feeling of sand in your sheets, learn the “shake before you sleep” method & learn it quick! give your sheets a quick shake outside before you crawl into bed. your legs will thank you for saving them from an itchy-hell & your arms will sorely express their gratitude for their nightly workout routine. win win.
2. “boho-beachy waves” are a lie. the biggest lie. in case you’re new, I’ll fill you in: boho-beachy hair is desired by almost every woman who doesn’t live by the coast. it’s said that the sea spray mixed with the salty air can create a almost mermaidian experience for your locks. while this may be true in magazines & movies, true beach dwellers know to pack the detangler & a wide toothed comb when hitting the waves. trust us, you’re not fooling anyone with your “messy hair, don’t care” attitude. you cared enough to tweet about it, now have fun dumping an entire bottle of conditioner in your head & cleaning the hair from your drain. not fun.
3. flying teeth. wether you’re near the beach or cruising down the riverside, best be on the feel-out for flying teeth. notice how I didn’t say “look-out”? that’s because these suckers are impossible to see & just as impossible to get ride of. known as “no-see-ums ” these tiny, mosquito-like bugs will bite & bite! pro tip: if you hate the smell of bug spray, later yourself with some lavender oil and stick a dryer sheet in your pocket when you’re out & about. both have been known to repel these pesky critters!
4. treasure exists! & you can find it! there are a variety or beach treasures that are easy to find! here are just a few examples:
•sea glass: colorful gems, smoothed by the sea that wash up & wait to be taken home & displayed!
•sand dollars: like giant nickels, these fragile creatures turn white when they die & are often are found in the early mornings washed up on the shore. but remember, if they are brown, they are living so please toss them back into the sea!
• sharks teeth: one of the coolest things about sharks is their many, many rows of sharp teeth. you don’t have to be a marine biologist to find a tooth or two mixed in with the itty bitty shells by the shore, ya just have to look closely!
•shell, shell, shell yeah! There are millions of shells! & endless possibilities to create with them. we’ve all heard of Pinterest, (duh) so hop on & get crafty!
5.people are absolutely astonishing! from yellow-polka-dot-bikinis to bright rainbow umbrellas, what people wear & tote with them is a sight to see, to say the least. the colors of our world are interestingly displayed by vacationers, yearning to show off their “beachy vibes”. brilliant.
6. ice cream tastes better by the ocean. it’s a scientific face, studied by myself & many before me. many more will continue the study & all will agree there’s nothing like sun, salt, sand, & a sweet treat.
& finally !
7. sunrise, sunset. there are so many people that long to see the sea, & if you’re lucky enough to see it everyday you might just take that view for granted. sand, sun, salt. you’ve soaked it all in but you haven’t seen ANYTHING like a sunrise (or sunset depending on your coast) on the beach. the way the big, bright, tangerine lays on the glittering sea always reminds me of taking a nice hot bath & washing away my troubles…

I hope this post touched those of you who live by the sea, & inspires those of you who don’t to visit a coast near you SOON!

Xxoo The Floral Fox

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