5 easy ways to fall in love, with yourself!

A lot of us struggle with loving ourselves, & for what? Why do we find such joy in others loving us, but such trouble in creating that love for ourselves? I know I suffer from some of the same trials & tribulations that you do, so I wanted to share a few tips & tricks I use as little pick-me-ups !

1) Remind yourself why you’re awesome. Go ahead! Brag, gloat, boast about something you feel proud of! Did you do something noteworthy at work or get an ‘A’ on a super duper hard test?! Celebrate! & give yourself some credit.

2) Put on something you feel great in. A sweater? A fancy dress? Those oh-so-desirable, butt-hugging sweats that you secretly wear to yoga class so your hott instructor will glance your way? You pick! Put it on & you’ll feel like a million butts! Oops, I meant bucks 😉

3) Read some old comments that make you smile. We all have social media & whether it’s facebook, insta, or twitter, chances are you’ve received a compliment or two. Go ahead, delve into the fact that somebody else noticed your oh-so-perfectly put together outfit last week or even your killer smile in your old profile pic! Nobody will know that you’re headed to the archives for reinforcement & chances are that you’ll emerge happier & more confident than ever!

4) Make something! Creativity has the potential to bring out the best in all of us. Use whatever holiday that’s coming up as an excuse to make some sweet, little nicknack that will make you & your house guests smile. Plus! Crafting has actually been proven to lower blood pressure & reduce stress so log onto Pinterest & get crafty!

5) Give yourself a break. Take 5, 15, an hour, even a whole day to yourself. Do what you love to do, just for a little while. Doing something that you love & are good at is a sure self-esteem booster because you just feel good doing it! Remind yourself that you are awesome & you deserve this break.

Remember, lovely readers, the greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love & be loved in return! & the greatest a love all is loving ourselves!

What do you think about that, huh?

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