College with the Mouse: Acceptances

tumblr_static_tumblr_static_9qyvtrvcbsco8ccc844kw4wsw_1280Accpetances. We all want them, we pray, we wish, heck, we even doodle tiny mickeys all over our calculus homework, but whats the real secret to getting accepted? Truth is… ready?


There is no secret. Disney wants what it wants, & you’ll never be able to predict how, when, & who will get accepted. BUT. don’t fret, fellow planners, there are ways to ensure you nail your DCP phone interview!


Now, I could go on forever about how to answer the questions, what they will ask you (you can find the list here), and why you should always be honest, but you’ve already heard all that, right? Here are the REAL tips.

  1. Smile when you talk. Always. This will raise your voice a little bit & add the tone of excitement. Have you seen the employees that work there? Happy. All of the time. Always. You need them to hear that you’ll fit in!
  2. Deep breathe before you answer the phone. This will help to calm your nerves & help you remember to smile!
  3. As soon as they say their name, write it down. Then, throughout the conversation, say their name at least 3 times. This will show that you make it a point to learn people’s names; a very good trait to have.
  4. At the end, make sure to ask them questions. You wouldn’t take a job without first knowing what it entails, would you? This is essentially a job interview, so make it known that you are interested. Some example quaestions would be:
    • When should I expect to hear back from you?
    • Can I bring a car?
    • Should I take any further steps after this?
    • May I request a work location at this time?
    • Will I have time to participate in classes?
    • When is the next character audition?
  5. Finally, thank your interviewer. This will show that you are a competent, smart, and gracious interviewee.

Best of luck, mouseketeers & remember to have faith, trust, & pixie dust!1230000_10151858417611265_416305009_n

What do you think about that, huh?

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