A Very Manly Mustache Bash

For my sweet boyfriend’s 20th birthday, I planned a surprise party catered to the manly-man in all of us! When planning a themed party my main advice to you would be simply: pay attention to the little details! This is what your guests will pay attention to.


Here are some highlights about the party decor, food, & overall theme:

zachs secret brew

Two Words: FOOD LABLES! This simple touch is an adorably obsessive tool used by all good party planners! I printed the labels on the bottles using labels I found at a craft store in the wedding section! As for the food signs, I created them by using a general, free theme that I found on pinterest (of course. here it is.) & personalized it to my liking using an online editor (picmonkey). Obviously for a 20th we could’t serve beer but I changed the beer tasting sign to say wet yer whistle! So fun.

grab a stache

I LOVE paper straws! They are fun, different, & come in so many designs & colors I found mine at a local craft store but you can order then online in almost ANY design imaginable! I found the mustache stickers at the craft store too 🙂


For the main course, we had a nacho macho bar complete with three cheese sauces, salsa, peppers, & more! We also had BRO-GERS (burgers) that came with your very own man card (bandaid? do you mean bitch sticker?!), & the most amazing bacon wrapped bangers that were served with nails (in place of toothpicks) for a manly effect!

manly mini stand

Finally, for dessert I made the most adorable cupcake manwiches! Sure, I may be bias, but I finally feel pinterest-worthy after I banged out these lil’ babies (even if they did tip over in the car & get a wee bit smashed up…)

I have seen these done so many different ways so I thought I would show you my version & break it down for all of you baking babes out there!

manly mini anatomy


I absolutely LOVED planning this party. Every little detail that went into it, from mustache napkins, to the Ron Swanson posters I printed, down to the hanging strips of bacon I made (layered red & white streamers), it was joy to create. The best part, of course, was seeing the look on Zachary’s face as he faced his surprise party. Pure. Unfiltered. Joy.


What do you think about that, huh?

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