Be BERRY Brave: face your fashion fears in the new year

mixed prints 1So, you’ve all read my reflections & now here’s my resolutions, fashion resolutions of course! The base of it all is to tackle some of my fashion fears, while showing you how to face some of your own! The basic fears of the fashion world are both simple & scary at the same time, but with a little creativity & an open mind we can turn the most fearful female into a daring diva in no time!


omg shoes!

We’re starting with shoes because let’s face it, we all gotta wear them. BUT! Do we have to wear the SAME nude ballet flats every day to the office? The same black pumps to the dinner party? The same tennies to the supermarket? Let’s face it girls, we could al use some pep in our step. So why not ‘step’ out of your comfort zone & into a pair of shiny (literally) new kicks. I snagged these on supersale at Target, they are Sam & Libby & super comfy! This is me facing a fashion fear because I HATE silver but hey, here I am rocking it & feel in’ great.


hats & bottom lash mascara

There’s ways to look like an evil witch that involve hats & bottom lash mascara… then (happily) there’s my way. Channel your inner twiggy & paint your bottom lashes lightly. Then, toss on a non-pointy hat & BAM, you’re hip. No, but seriously I love the way a light coat makes you eyes pop! & hats will make even the worst of hair days bearable.(because they’re so wearable) (ugh, I know my puns are terrible) Anyway, my hat is from Urban Outfitters but you can get these babies online in all the big stores (H&M, Forever XXI, Top Shop, Urban, ect.)


a bold lip

Lipstick is basically a daily necessity when you have a skin tone like mine. Without it, my lips blend into my tone & I just feel blah BUT with the help of the Maybelline® Super Stay 24™ lip colors I can achieve a bright, kissable lip without worrying about it fading. It’s a two-step lip process & the first is most important! You have to let the first coat of color dry then gloss your lip. If you don’t know what I’m taking about, well you’ll see!


messy hair, don’t care 

So this new year you probably pledged to be more responsible? Studious? Proactive? Involved? With all of your time now occupied with your new-improved habits, when will you find the time to straighten, curl, or just generally ‘do’ your do? Don’t stress, babe, just embrace the mess! Before these photos, I worked from 4am to 1pm, then ran errands, & finally took my car to have an oil change. This, ladies, is the definition of mess. But! With a little Paul Mitchell ‘working spray’ & a lot of hope I achieved this straight-out-of-braid look. In a time when all of our efforts are concerned elsewhere, this effortless look is a blessing.

IMG_7674 mixing prints

I finally did it, & so can you. I was SO hesitant to make this switch from matchy-match to bold & bright but honestly, I don’t think I’ll EVRER go back to boring! This outfit was inspired by the random cool-front that florida is experiencing. I knew I wanted to showcase this ah-dooor-able strawberry dress that my amazing grandma sewed for me BUT alas, the cool weather swept in. I knew this was my chance to make my resolution a reality, so I grabbed the boldest shirt I owned & a neutral tight to bring it all together. I was so sure a wardrobe change would follow this risky decision but as I gazed in the mirror I couldn’t believe how much I loved this look!!! It’s just so me & I cant wait to discover a whole new world of mix & matches that lie behind my closet doors…


change up your angles

Quit taking the same style blog photos & switch up your angles! We are ALL guilty of the hand-on-hip, front-on pose. & THAT’S OK. It’s a fashion blogger’s comfort pose. You know like when you’re stressed you have a comfort food?(cereal, mmmmm) Yeah, it’s like that. But it doesn’t have to be your ONLY post! switch up your angles & play around with some fun ways to take blog photos! I did a post on this once (you can see it here) & I got SO much positive feedback! Don’t be shy, just try!


jump into the new year!

My last piece of advice for you it to fully JUMP headfirst into this new year. Wether you want to completely re-invent yourself or just make tiny adjustments, believe you can do it. A friend of mine gave me a word for the new year that I want to share with you: consciousness . She says that when you are aware of whats around you & when you put what you wish to happen into the universe, it will come back to you & it WILL happen for you. Simply believe it will happen, it will. I believe it & I can’t wait to see what we ALL accomplish in 2015!


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