Vintage Vibes

Every once in a while I’ll go on a spree where I make mix tapes for people I know & while I haven’t ever actually given said tapes to people I thought it might be fun to share some on here! So here it goes, a playlist inspired by today’s choice of headgear: a sweet & soulful playlist with a vintage flair that’s sure to bring you a hood ol’ fashion smile to your face!

1) Build Me Up Buttercup – The Foundations
2) Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond
3) My Girl- The Temptations
4) Brand New Shoes – She & Him
5) She Loves You – The Beatles
6) Wake Up Sunshine – Chicago
7) Paperback Writer – The Beatles
8) Somebody To Love – Queen
9) Rock Lobster – The B52’s
10) Your Song – Elton John


Feedback is fun! I’d love to know what you thought about the playlist! Xxoo The Floral Fox

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