Magical Moments with Mily

About a year ago while I was on my college program,  I was lucky enough to meet this wonderful girl from across the pond! After our short magic moment together last year, we have kept in touch over Instagram & online. Now that she’s here completing her cultural exchange program at EPCOT, we actually get to hangout! After re-meting her at the Main Street Bakery, we’ve basically been inseparable. Mily is the sweetest girl, I am so, so blessed that we found each other in the most magical place!


Tucked away on Main Street USA is the sweetest little alley. There are red-umbrella tables, fresh flowers, & if you listen closely, you may even hear the melody of a voice lesson going on…


The castle is the perfect backdrop for some twirling photos! I love the morning when the castle grounds are nearly empty!

Magical Mily

This castle is a true symbol of hope, magic, & dreams…

Magical Mily

Strolling on the castle bridge in the morning light is such a wonderful feeling!


The Hub area of the castle is so beautiful; all of the flowers, the perfectly-polished railings, the stone walls, & the soundtrack of Mainstreet make for the most perfect setting.


Mily & I have a mutual love for the tea cups, so naturally we had to take some shots there (after we took a spin, of course). Clean cup, Move down!



Being classic Disney fans, we of course had to take a whirl on Dumbo! The World’s Only Flying Elephant!



I am just LIVING for these blowy, fun, sun-soaked photos! Mily is so fun-loving & really went with all of my crazy ideas! These are some of the most fun photos I have ever taken!

IMG_2693I also love that Mily’s dress is actually a romper (or as she sweetly calls it, a ‘play suit”)


Up, up, & away!!! The main street balloon photo was a MUST!

Magical Mily

Being a cast member is truly one of the most magical & rewarding experiences. I love that I got to capture a small bit of Mily’s experience!


“Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.”

Magical Mily

Thank you Mily, for letting me capture a small part of your magical experience! I’m so blessed to call you my friend! If you’re interested in following some of our adventures, we have our own little hashtag on insta! #MilyandMelia


Till next time, sweeties! xoxo


the floral fox


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