The Not-So Plain Amelia Jane

I believe in the smell of rain & the taste of PB&J. I believe in the thrill of closing my eyes at the tip-top of the ferris wheel.  I believe in the glitter of sea foam, the sound of cracking crème brûlée, the touch of a kitten’s whiskers. I believe in rainbow sprinkles, & that you’re never too old to ride in the shopping cart. I believe in red lipstick. I believe in the impossible human journey, the web of souls, & that flowers have feelings too. I believe in love at first sight & lust at first whisper. I believe in the sound of hands, pressed against chests, beating for eachother. I believe in touching everyone’s heart. I believe in changing peoples’ minds. I believe in the feel of hands, through hair, wind through loose clothes, & water on my lips. I believe in beach hair. I believe in bows, ribbons, glitter & tons of frosting. I believe in ice cream sundays. I believe in the loss of inhibitions, the power of confidence, & the conquering of self doubt. I believe in words like “sweetheart”, “mushy”, & “freckled”, I believe in phrases like “doe-eyed”, “charmed”, & “I adore you”. I believe in polka-spots. I believe in glittery nail polish & yellow tights. I believe in pancakes for dinner & candid photos. I believe in dressing well to go to bed & dreaming big city dreams. I believe in the chai tea. I believe in kisses on the cheek & hugs with two hands. I believe in the earth between my toes & sand in my hair. I believe in the colors I hear, the sounds I taste & the lights that warm my heart. I believe in the little things in life.

I believe in love, above all else.

I believe our generation can will change the world.

“I’m so inconsistent, my handwriting changes every other word”  -Regina Spektor
I love fashion & being able to express myself though it. It seems as though I can’t pick which life to lead; the adventurer, the homebody, the quiet book worm or the charismatic loud mouth? Quite frankly, I’m whirlwind of colorful frocks, basic patterns, classic staples & wild trends.  I adore trying new things, I relish my careful basics & I’m obsessed with crazy statement pieces. I adore my cat, Crème brûlée more than words can say. I love to write & take photos, & of course, blog about my adorable life, my beautiful friends & my wonderful family.
The goal of this blog is simply this: To show you how to be yourself in hundreds of different styles.
Who says you can’t wear pretty dresses with combat boots? 
Who says you cant be vintage & retro?
Who says you cant be classic & wild?
Who labels your sense of style?
Who told you that you had to fit into a category?
Why be careful when you can be colorful?
Why hide yourself when you can shine. 

5 thoughts on “The Not-So Plain Amelia Jane

  1. debbie says:

    WOW, you are very talented, bright, beautiful, and sharing amazing insight. You are in inspiration and you should not be contained. Happy thrifting and you have tremendous style girl…

  2. Kacy Carvajal says:

    I love this!! You’re so creative and amazing! You need to be in work for, model for seventeen or vogue or something

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