Oh So Sweet Olivia

The very sweetest day in the sweetest place… Among the hustle & bustle of the adorable Georgetown streets, with my two best guys alongside of me, we wandered among the storefronts searching for something that ticked our fancy. After a mile or so, a promising storefront caught my eye. As I excitedly pulled the door open, my eyes were met with the most wonderful mural … Continue reading Oh So Sweet Olivia

Local treasures

While perusing a local festival yesterday, Zachary & I found countless treasures! A mint colored food truck with chicken & waffles, a cupcake wonderland with the best key lime cupcake under the sun & two beautiful souls who sent us home with colorful print & chic terrariums!   Let me tel ya’ll about the most ADORABLE plants that were bestowed upon us! These tiny succulents are by … Continue reading Local treasures

Let It Snow: Winter Wonder pt. 1

In attempt to recap my amazing winter adventure, I’ve decided to do a series of short blog posts recounting some of my adventures, rather than one long post. This way, my memories will last longer, & you guys won’t have too much to read at once. Oh, aren’t I just ever so thoughtful? With no further delay, I present to you, in no particular order, … Continue reading Let It Snow: Winter Wonder pt. 1

Lime Sherbet

You said I must eat so many lemons, cause’ I am so bitter – Kate Nash (currently spinning her record ALL night & day!)  ||Mint Polo:Thrifted||Camel Skirt & Jeweled Necklace:H&M||Neon Sweater & Desert Booties:Target||Sweater Tights:Urban Outfitters||Monogrammed Necklace:Etsy|| Sometimes you need to dress up in sherbet colors & go to a fancy-pancy brunch! Today Zach & I dined at a lovely organic local eatery, & let … Continue reading Lime Sherbet

Sweet Sisters & Cupcakey Christmas

So I just set up a pop-up studio in my bedroom! It’s been a dream of mine for quite some time & I am honestly over the moon excited about it! My first shoot was with my pretty, pretty sister, Allie. Everyone always says we look alike, but our personalities couldn’t be more different. I’m colorful, she’s cool. I’m easily excitable, she’s picky. She’s beautiful & I’ve … Continue reading Sweet Sisters & Cupcakey Christmas

How To: Have A Really, Really Good Day With Your BFF

The truth is in the title & the proof is in the post! This is my idea of the perfect day off, starring yours truly, & my bff, Sarah. We often like to partake in crazy adventures that sometimes lead us to faraway places, but for this day we decided to take it easy in our tiny beach town. our first stop: thrifting While our … Continue reading How To: Have A Really, Really Good Day With Your BFF

A Tribute to Amy Poehler

“There’s power in looking silly & not caring that you do” -Amy Poehler This entire post is a tribute to the wonderful, funny, & inspiring Amy Poehler. If you’re not familiar with this ridiculously talented woman, please stop reading this & immediately watch every episode of Parks & Recreation, every episode of SNL featuring her, and various movies including Baby Mama & Mean Girls. … … Continue reading A Tribute to Amy Poehler