Magical Moments with Mily

About a year ago while I was on my college program,  I was lucky enough to meet this wonderful girl from across the pond! After our short magic moment together last year, we have kept in touch over Instagram & online. Now that she’s here completing her cultural exchange program at EPCOT, we actually get to hangout! After re-meting her at the Main Street Bakery, we’ve … Continue reading Magical Moments with Mily

Beautiful Barnyard – Mackenzie Senior Photos

So, because of my crazed, pre-Disney life, i never got the chance to blog these stunning photos of my sweet, best friend Mackenzie. Mackenzie had so much fun with this gorgeous Friesian horse. We looked his adorable expressions & he was the best model! I love that they have almost the same hair. After seeing the rustic, colorful backdrops at the space, we couldn’t resist … Continue reading Beautiful Barnyard – Mackenzie Senior Photos

A Tribute to Amy Poehler

“There’s power in looking silly & not caring that you do” -Amy Poehler This entire post is a tribute to the wonderful, funny, & inspiring Amy Poehler. If you’re not familiar with this ridiculously talented woman, please stop reading this & immediately watch every episode of Parks & Recreation, every episode of SNL featuring her, and various movies including Baby Mama & Mean Girls. … … Continue reading A Tribute to Amy Poehler