College with the Mouse: Acceptances

tumblr_static_tumblr_static_9qyvtrvcbsco8ccc844kw4wsw_1280Accpetances. We all want them, we pray, we wish, heck, we even doodle tiny mickeys all over our calculus homework, but whats the real secret to getting accepted? Truth is… ready?


There is no secret. Disney wants what it wants, & you’ll never be able to predict how, when, & who will get accepted. BUT. don’t fret, fellow planners, there are ways to ensure you nail your DCP phone interview!


Now, I could go on forever about how to answer the questions, what they will ask you (you can find the list here), and why you should always be honest, but you’ve already heard all that, right? Here are the REAL tips.

  1. Smile when you talk. Always. This will raise your voice a little bit & add the tone of excitement. Have you seen the employees that work there? Happy. All of the time. Always. You need them to hear that you’ll fit in!
  2. Deep breathe before you answer the phone. This will help to calm your nerves & help you remember to smile!
  3. As soon as they say their name, write it down. Then, throughout the conversation, say their name at least 3 times. This will show that you make it a point to learn people’s names; a very good trait to have.
  4. At the end, make sure to ask them questions. You wouldn’t take a job without first knowing what it entails, would you? This is essentially a job interview, so make it known that you are interested. Some example quaestions would be:
    • When should I expect to hear back from you?
    • Can I bring a car?
    • Should I take any further steps after this?
    • May I request a work location at this time?
    • Will I have time to participate in classes?
    • When is the next character audition?
  5. Finally, thank your interviewer. This will show that you are a competent, smart, and gracious interviewee.

Best of luck, mouseketeers & remember to have faith, trust, & pixie dust!1230000_10151858417611265_416305009_n

sugar, pumpkin spice, & everything nice!

I wanted to make a short & sweet post about my lovely little pumpkins! I decided to do an assortment of desserts to display my love of sweets & halloween!
The Cutesy Cupcake
complete with sprinkles, fluffy frosting & a candy topper!

The Sprinkle Sundae
topped with melty hot fudge, whip, & a cherry!

The Crazy Cotton Candy
fluffy, sparkly, what more could you ask for?

Candied Goodness on a Stick
who doesn’t love a delicious apple? candy it, dip it it sparkly sugar sprinkles, & put it on a stick & it become irresistible!

Punkin’ Doughnut
call me biased, but this one’s my favorite. I don’t know whether it’s the sprinkles, the pink frosting, or simply the fact that it’s shaped like my favorite food but I will definitely be repeating this design!

I hope this was sweet & inspiring enough to get you crafting your own. awesome halloween pumpkins!

5 easy ways to fall in love, with yourself!

A lot of us struggle with loving ourselves, & for what? Why do we find such joy in others loving us, but such trouble in creating that love for ourselves? I know I suffer from some of the same trials & tribulations that you do, so I wanted to share a few tips & tricks I use as little pick-me-ups !

1) Remind yourself why you’re awesome. Go ahead! Brag, gloat, boast about something you feel proud of! Did you do something noteworthy at work or get an ‘A’ on a super duper hard test?! Celebrate! & give yourself some credit.

2) Put on something you feel great in. A sweater? A fancy dress? Those oh-so-desirable, butt-hugging sweats that you secretly wear to yoga class so your hott instructor will glance your way? You pick! Put it on & you’ll feel like a million butts! Oops, I meant bucks 😉

3) Read some old comments that make you smile. We all have social media & whether it’s facebook, insta, or twitter, chances are you’ve received a compliment or two. Go ahead, delve into the fact that somebody else noticed your oh-so-perfectly put together outfit last week or even your killer smile in your old profile pic! Nobody will know that you’re headed to the archives for reinforcement & chances are that you’ll emerge happier & more confident than ever!

4) Make something! Creativity has the potential to bring out the best in all of us. Use whatever holiday that’s coming up as an excuse to make some sweet, little nicknack that will make you & your house guests smile. Plus! Crafting has actually been proven to lower blood pressure & reduce stress so log onto Pinterest & get crafty!

5) Give yourself a break. Take 5, 15, an hour, even a whole day to yourself. Do what you love to do, just for a little while. Doing something that you love & are good at is a sure self-esteem booster because you just feel good doing it! Remind yourself that you are awesome & you deserve this break.

Remember, lovely readers, the greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love & be loved in return! & the greatest a love all is loving ourselves!

By the sea side, by the shining sea…

So I got this little idea to do a short & sweet (or shall I say salty) blog post about what I’ve learned growing up in a beach town! So here it goes, musings of a mermaid if you will:
||shirt:forever 21||shorts:marshalls||

what I learned growing up by the beach

1. sand. sand can & will find its way into every crevice of your entire existence. if you’re like me & hate the icky feeling of sand in your sheets, learn the “shake before you sleep” method & learn it quick! give your sheets a quick shake outside before you crawl into bed. your legs will thank you for saving them from an itchy-hell & your arms will sorely express their gratitude for their nightly workout routine. win win.
2. “boho-beachy waves” are a lie. the biggest lie. in case you’re new, I’ll fill you in: boho-beachy hair is desired by almost every woman who doesn’t live by the coast. it’s said that the sea spray mixed with the salty air can create a almost mermaidian experience for your locks. while this may be true in magazines & movies, true beach dwellers know to pack the detangler & a wide toothed comb when hitting the waves. trust us, you’re not fooling anyone with your “messy hair, don’t care” attitude. you cared enough to tweet about it, now have fun dumping an entire bottle of conditioner in your head & cleaning the hair from your drain. not fun.
3. flying teeth. wether you’re near the beach or cruising down the riverside, best be on the feel-out for flying teeth. notice how I didn’t say “look-out”? that’s because these suckers are impossible to see & just as impossible to get ride of. known as “no-see-ums ” these tiny, mosquito-like bugs will bite & bite! pro tip: if you hate the smell of bug spray, later yourself with some lavender oil and stick a dryer sheet in your pocket when you’re out & about. both have been known to repel these pesky critters!
4. treasure exists! & you can find it! there are a variety or beach treasures that are easy to find! here are just a few examples:
•sea glass: colorful gems, smoothed by the sea that wash up & wait to be taken home & displayed!
•sand dollars: like giant nickels, these fragile creatures turn white when they die & are often are found in the early mornings washed up on the shore. but remember, if they are brown, they are living so please toss them back into the sea!
• sharks teeth: one of the coolest things about sharks is their many, many rows of sharp teeth. you don’t have to be a marine biologist to find a tooth or two mixed in with the itty bitty shells by the shore, ya just have to look closely!
•shell, shell, shell yeah! There are millions of shells! & endless possibilities to create with them. we’ve all heard of Pinterest, (duh) so hop on & get crafty!
5.people are absolutely astonishing! from yellow-polka-dot-bikinis to bright rainbow umbrellas, what people wear & tote with them is a sight to see, to say the least. the colors of our world are interestingly displayed by vacationers, yearning to show off their “beachy vibes”. brilliant.
6. ice cream tastes better by the ocean. it’s a scientific face, studied by myself & many before me. many more will continue the study & all will agree there’s nothing like sun, salt, sand, & a sweet treat.
& finally !
7. sunrise, sunset. there are so many people that long to see the sea, & if you’re lucky enough to see it everyday you might just take that view for granted. sand, sun, salt. you’ve soaked it all in but you haven’t seen ANYTHING like a sunrise (or sunset depending on your coast) on the beach. the way the big, bright, tangerine lays on the glittering sea always reminds me of taking a nice hot bath & washing away my troubles…

I hope this post touched those of you who live by the sea, & inspires those of you who don’t to visit a coast near you SOON!

Xxoo The Floral Fox

Va, Va, Va, Venice!


Venice is a place set back in time, full of wonder, sea breeze, & mer-people who walk the streets without a care in the sea. For an island-raised girl like myself, it was like taking a trip back home. My soul was refreshed by the salty air & my mind became at peace with the dizziness that each sip of wine brought.

venice day 1 8


To describe this place as paradise is far from accurate, for in paradise imperfections do not exist. This quaint place wore its imperfections like a olympic medal. The tattered docks bore a sense of adventure into the great, blue beyond & invited you to step, if you dare, to the edge of the water; we walked upon splinters & erosion & hope.

Venice day 1 1


The cobblestone roads would wreak havoc on even the most durable tires, but this didn’t matter because there are no cars to be found. The smell of boat gasoline hung thick in the air but was not suffocation, it just mixed with the sticky-sweet salt to create an aroma that begged adventure.

venice day 1 5

|| Hat: Forever 21 || Sandals: Sam&Libby || Shirt & Shorts: H&M || Kimono: F21 || Bracelets Bourbon&Boweties ||

The buildings seemed as though they were painted by one artist throughout his entire carrier. You can find a different period of his lifetime in each section, a blue period full of calm despair, a red period fill of life & restlessness, & so on…

venice day 1 3

venice day 1 7

The mer-people (as I have fondly come to know them as) were truly of the sand & sea. Fresh produce was available at every turn & fish were plucked straight from the sea to accompany your silverware on a dining experience that was truly cultural.


venice day 1 2To say that this experience was enlightening would be a gross understatement. There are moments in your life that you feel. There are others that you touch, see, smell, & so on. Rarely do you encounter such a meld of wonders, all at once. I consumed Venice. Venice was exact ally what  needed, Venice changed me for the better. Venice will never leave my heart.

venice day 1 4

venice day 1 9



Floral Fox Fiesta!

Finally! I’ve located the long lost memory card containing photos from my 21st Fiesta! This party was such a hit, everyone loved my colorful decor & spicy dishes. I’ve got to be honest when I say that I almost had more fun decorating the party than having the actual party!

floral fox fiesta 3

We’ll start with the Photo Booth backdrop where I used 9 spools of different colored streamers to create a roughly 8×8 backdrop! It was a HIT! We all had fun using handmade props & posing with my piñatas! I got the paper flowers from WALMART! (I know, right?) & thrifted the hats!

floral fox fiesta 6

I also made various other decor items including a sign out of a science poster board, paper garland, & more!

I decided one of my FAVORITE things about having a party is labeling my food in clever ways! I found the templates on pinterest & edited the food items to fit my party needs!

One of my favorite recipes from the party was my spiked punch recipe. It’s super easy & super delicious!


Fiesta Lemonade 

you’ll need:

2 cans frozen raspberry lemonade

one bottle sprite

1/2 a bottle of strawberry Smirnoff

2 cups frozen strawberries


  1. blend the frozen strawberries (thawed) in a blender with the cans of raspberry lemonade & a little bit of sprite (about 1/3 the bottle)
  2. pour mixture into punch bowl or drink dispenser
  3. pour in vodka & sprite
  4. mix & enjoy!

IMG_5041I hope this simple post helps you to plan your very own fiesta!


Cute & Creamy Countryside Citrus

This past weekend we payed a much-needed visit to the most lovely little shop in Vero Beach! Among the well-stocked shelves wafted aromas of sweet citrus creations! From the freshest oranges, grapefruit, & tangerines to candles, lotions & even adorable prints by Charlotte Anabar (previously featured here), Countryside Citrus has a little something’ for everybody!


As if the scents && souvenirs weren’t tantalizing enough, the ice cream that this little place produces is out of this world! Well, not really because it’s made from fresh, local citrus, but the taste is certainly incomparable! I even think it’s better than Dole Whip at Disney (Shh, don’t tell Mickey) !

ice cream 1I indulged in the classic orange sore serve and was NOT disappointed ! The creamy flavor was the perfect amount of sweet & citrus & I felt SO refreshed afterwards! Usually ice cream will make me feel a little yucky & guilty (but I eat it anyway)  but this was the perfect treat!

ice cream 2

|| Dress: Forever 21 || Shoes: Chuck Taylor Converse || Necklace : Charlotte Russe (gift) || Earrings: F21 ||

After our ice cream stop, we took a stroll on the boardwalk & came across one of my favorite things…a bubble wand!

ice cream 3

I wish I could say that felt like a little kid again.. but truly I just felt like myself! I take every opportunity I can get to be spontaneous & fun & I wouldn’t want it any other way! Lesson of the day: Always be unapologetically YOU!  No matter what!


From Start to Venice

Venice, the city on water. Truly, I have never in my life experienced a more unique & quaint place! Strolling along the streets of Venice && the outer islands (Especially Burano, which is featured in this post) felt like I was whisked away to a simpler time & place. In Venice, Italy there is truly a sense of “island time” && people really seem to have their priorities straight!

from start to venice 7

|| One of the many gondolas that are available on the island ||

While there, we explored the outer islands of Murano, Torcello, && Burano! Burano was by far the most eccentric & charming place I have ever been to! I could truly see where the inspiration for my ModCloth ‘From Start To Venice’ top came from! && of course it was only fitting that a adorned this adorable article while I explored this amazing place.

from start to venice 2

I could LIVE on this piece of history! && since they already have the most adorable lace store named after me (well sort of 🙂 )

I could just imagine Zachary & I, sitting on our quaint porch of our most colorful town home, sipping rosé with our dear friends && talking vivaciously, with our hands of course! Fresh flowers on the table, honey straight from the comb, & lace table cloths for days! Oh! I can just se it now!

from start to venice 3

I made my flower crown just for this trip! Full outfit photo below! I can’t thank ModCloth enough for allowing me to take a piece of my trip home with me! I will never forget the amazing place!

from start to venice 1

|| Sandals: Sam & Libby by Target || Shorts: J.Crew || Top: ModCloth || Bracelets: Bourbon and Boweties || 

The amazing island of Buano

The amazing island of Burano

Marvelous Macramé

For those of you lovelies who have never heard the term “macramé” (I just learned it a short while ago!) it’s basically a fancy way to say crochet! && while this fancy name gives a fancy new name to an old fashion favorite, the beauty if macramé is that it can be worn dressed up it dressed down!
Take my look of the day for example: This attire could easily be worn for a picnic in the park or, with a few sparkly accessories, could easily transform into a night on the town ensemble!


&& speaking of accessories, have y’all jumped on the bourbon&bowties train yet?! I admit, chunky bracelets usually make my dainty wrists look all but twig thin, so naturally I was hesitant to purchase a stack. One birthday && two bracelets later, && I’m hooked!

They come in all colors, sizes, && of course stones. I just want to purchase more & more. Warning!!! Trust me, once you start collecting you’ll be obsessed!

The macramé && my jewels pair perfectly with a pair of bright loafers like these from the GAP! These bright babies are SOOO comfortable && affordable!

Till next time, lovelies. Xxox -The Floral Fox