Magical Mozart

While in Vienna , we took the opportunity to visit perhaps one of the greatest composers of all time, Mozart. While exploring the city we came across a lovely, luscious park that took us by surprise. What a contrast from the bustling city! Young artists dotted the green hills, school children were singing songs beneath the oak trees & dancing with sparkly, multicolored ribbons. Among the … Continue reading Magical Mozart

A Taste of Karlovy Vary

Colors, sights, smells & tastes, my senses went Krazy for Karlovy Vary! This ancient spa town is home to the world famous healing mineral waters! But that’s not all! They are also known for colorful buildings, beautiful gardens & the most tastel gelato you could EVER imagine! Ancient statues & fountains can be seen among the fresh, colorful buildings. The meld of wonders found here … Continue reading A Taste of Karlovy Vary

Across the Pond : Travel Tips & Essentials

Good morning, or as we say here in Prague Dobrý Den! I’m not sure if all of you were aware, but I am on my very first international adventure! I suppose you wouldn’t know, seeing as the “perfectly packed” post I planned to blog majorly failed! (seriously, if any of you have mastered packing under 50 pounds for a month, help a sista out) On … Continue reading Across the Pond : Travel Tips & Essentials

almost-as-good-as-momma’s almond-poppy pancakes

Ok pancakes lovers! I have a fabulous recipe for y’all that will knock your socks off! With an idea the way from Nashville TN, my sister Allie whipped up a batch of these beauties this morning for our mothers day brunch. Let me tell you, as soon as I took my first bite, I ran to grab my camera! I HAD to blog about these babies! … Continue reading almost-as-good-as-momma’s almond-poppy pancakes

Exploring DC

At last! A post that doesn’t involve pastries or photography, yes, here comes a outfit post!     Hooray! || Jacket:H&M||Jeans:American Apparel||Boots:Urban Outfitters||Birdy Top:Liz Claiborne|| We has SO much fun exploring the streets of DC! I think it’s safe to say that georgetown was our very favorite place. It is just so new-age & full of wonderful food! I wanted to try it ALL! We stumbled across … Continue reading Exploring DC