Beaches & Cream & a Kitchen Sink…

So if you haven’t already heard, I have assigned myself the insane task of the 100daysofdisney challenge WITH an “ootd” factor. Yes, I will be taking a new photo in an outfit everyday for 100 days & posting it to my instagram account (@100daysofdisney). I have also chosen to add a fun fact to every outfit post! With that said, I present to you my day two … Continue reading Beaches & Cream & a Kitchen Sink…

Lime Sherbet

You said I must eat so many lemons, cause’ I am so bitter – Kate Nash (currently spinning her record ALL night & day!)  ||Mint Polo:Thrifted||Camel Skirt & Jeweled Necklace:H&M||Neon Sweater & Desert Booties:Target||Sweater Tights:Urban Outfitters||Monogrammed Necklace:Etsy|| Sometimes you need to dress up in sherbet colors & go to a fancy-pancy brunch! Today Zach & I dined at a lovely organic local eatery, & let … Continue reading Lime Sherbet

How To: Have A Really, Really Good Day With Your BFF

The truth is in the title & the proof is in the post! This is my idea of the perfect day off, starring yours truly, & my bff, Sarah. We often like to partake in crazy adventures that sometimes lead us to faraway places, but for this day we decided to take it easy in our tiny beach town. our first stop: thrifting While our … Continue reading How To: Have A Really, Really Good Day With Your BFF

The Brightest Birthday

||J.Crew Pink Shorts||Marshalls Peach Peplum Top ||Target Sparkle Sandals||Etsy Monogrammed Necklace||Betsy Johnson Birdie Necklace|| Lilly & Laure Bracelets|| Happy Birthday to ME! This birthday was simply lovely for a lot of reasons, but let’s focus on my favorite: Cake. I Love all types of cake, who doesn’t? But being newly a self-appointed health nut, I’ve been neglecting my cake tasting senses for quite some time. … Continue reading The Brightest Birthday