College with the Mouse: Acceptances

Accpetances. We all want them, we pray, we wish, heck, we even doodle tiny mickeys all over our calculus homework, but whats the real secret to getting accepted? Truth is… ready? There is no secret. Disney wants what it wants, & you’ll never be able to predict how, when, & who will get accepted. BUT. don’t fret, fellow planners, there are ways to ensure you nail your DCP phone … Continue reading College with the Mouse: Acceptances

The Brightest Birthday

||J.Crew Pink Shorts||Marshalls Peach Peplum Top ||Target Sparkle Sandals||Etsy Monogrammed Necklace||Betsy Johnson Birdie Necklace|| Lilly & Laure Bracelets|| Happy Birthday to ME! This birthday was simply lovely for a lot of reasons, but let’s focus on my favorite: Cake. I Love all types of cake, who doesn’t? But being newly a self-appointed health nut, I’ve been neglecting my cake tasting senses for quite some time. … Continue reading The Brightest Birthday

Making Magic at Disney

  ||Charlotte Russe polka-spot top||TJMAXX shorts||white Chuck Taylors||Ray Ban Clubmasters|| Dressing for a place like Disney an be tricky, however it doesn’t have to be! There’s plenty of ways you can be cute,  trendy, & completely themed! It’s all in the ears! For my day in the Magic Kingdom, I simply HAD to invest in a pair of Minnie ears. I was surprised to see just … Continue reading Making Magic at Disney