By the sea side, by the shining sea…

So I got this little idea to do a short & sweet (or shall I say salty) blog post about what I’ve learned growing up in a beach town! So here it goes, musings of a mermaid if you will: ||shirt:forever 21||shorts:marshalls|| what I learned growing up by the beach 1. sand. sand can & will find its way into every crevice of your entire … Continue reading By the sea side, by the shining sea…

almost-as-good-as-momma’s almond-poppy pancakes

Ok pancakes lovers! I have a fabulous recipe for y’all that will knock your socks off! With an idea the way from Nashville TN, my sister Allie whipped up a batch of these beauties this morning for our mothers day brunch. Let me tell you, as soon as I took my first bite, I ran to grab my camera! I HAD to blog about these babies! … Continue reading almost-as-good-as-momma’s almond-poppy pancakes

Local treasures

While perusing a local festival yesterday, Zachary & I found countless treasures! A mint colored food truck with chicken & waffles, a cupcake wonderland with the best key lime cupcake under the sun & two beautiful souls who sent us home with colorful print & chic terrariums!   Let me tel ya’ll about the most ADORABLE plants that were bestowed upon us! These tiny succulents are by … Continue reading Local treasures

Lime Sherbet

You said I must eat so many lemons, cause’ I am so bitter – Kate Nash (currently spinning her record ALL night & day!)  ||Mint Polo:Thrifted||Camel Skirt & Jeweled Necklace:H&M||Neon Sweater & Desert Booties:Target||Sweater Tights:Urban Outfitters||Monogrammed Necklace:Etsy|| Sometimes you need to dress up in sherbet colors & go to a fancy-pancy brunch! Today Zach & I dined at a lovely organic local eatery, & let … Continue reading Lime Sherbet

Sweet Sisters & Cupcakey Christmas

So I just set up a pop-up studio in my bedroom! It’s been a dream of mine for quite some time & I am honestly over the moon excited about it! My first shoot was with my pretty, pretty sister, Allie. Everyone always says we look alike, but our personalities couldn’t be more different. I’m colorful, she’s cool. I’m easily excitable, she’s picky. She’s beautiful & I’ve … Continue reading Sweet Sisters & Cupcakey Christmas