Beaches & Cream & a Kitchen Sink…

So if you haven’t already heard, I have assigned myself the insane task of the 100daysofdisney challenge WITH an “ootd” factor. Yes, I will be taking a new photo in an outfit everyday for 100 days & posting it to my instagram account (@100daysofdisney). I have also chosen to add a fun fact to every outfit post! With that said, I present to you my day two … Continue reading Beaches & Cream & a Kitchen Sink…

almost-as-good-as-momma’s almond-poppy pancakes

Ok pancakes lovers! I have a fabulous recipe for y’all that will knock your socks off! With an idea the way from Nashville TN, my sister Allie whipped up a batch of these beauties this morning for our mothers day brunch. Let me tell you, as soon as I took my first bite, I ran to grab my camera! I HAD to blog about these babies! … Continue reading almost-as-good-as-momma’s almond-poppy pancakes

Oh So Sweet Olivia

The very sweetest day in the sweetest place… Among the hustle & bustle of the adorable Georgetown streets, with my two best guys alongside of me, we wandered among the storefronts searching for something that ticked our fancy. After a mile or so, a promising storefront caught my eye. As I excitedly pulled the door open, my eyes were met with the most wonderful mural … Continue reading Oh So Sweet Olivia

The Brightest Birthday

||J.Crew Pink Shorts||Marshalls Peach Peplum Top ||Target Sparkle Sandals||Etsy Monogrammed Necklace||Betsy Johnson Birdie Necklace|| Lilly & Laure Bracelets|| Happy Birthday to ME! This birthday was simply lovely for a lot of reasons, but let’s focus on my favorite: Cake. I Love all types of cake, who doesn’t? But being newly a self-appointed health nut, I’ve been neglecting my cake tasting senses for quite some time. … Continue reading The Brightest Birthday